RACK for Media Converter (16 slots, 2U, 19 inch).

The IT-PMC-2000B-R RACK for Media converter adapt integration management media converter Rack in machine room. Each Rack have  14  insert slot, can insert 1-14 different media converters. Redundant Power Supply, support hot-swappable, provide credibility, high effect and economic solutions for network system.



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1. Adopt insert-draw design, Easy to load and unload, Plug and play, support hot-swappable
2. 19 inch 2U, easy to install;
3. Each Rack have 16 insert slot, can insert 1~16 different media converter module,high capability, easy to upgrade;
4. Full aluminium metal shell, high shield, high anti-jamming;
5. Adopt auto-adapt technology. Do not adjust electrics and optics when installation
6. Redundant Power Supply, Low consumption, and credibility
7. Full working indicator light, easy to maintenance;
8. Average no MTBF is up to 50 thousands, accord to telecom standard

Power input

Adopt double power supply to supply power at the same time. Lighten the charge of each power supply, extend the life of the power supply. If one power supply fault, Another backup power can supply independence, media converter can work no-stop. When maintain  and instead the power supply, do not draw the media converter card, also do not remove the rack from the tank, just draw fault power supply from the back of the Rack, it is convenience to repair or instead.


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