DRONE / UAS / UAV Inspezione e Monitoraggio


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Intellisystem Technologies is more than just drones. Drone technology allows infrastructure inspections to take place without putting rope-climbers at risk and significantly reduces inspection times and associated costs. These inspections substantially increase the efficiency of inspection and maintenance routines saving clients millions.

We believe aerial vehicles are just a tool to achieve an outcome it is for this that out Research & Development team has developed different DRONE / UAS / UAV Inspection & Monitoring tools and services

That could be inspections, surveillance or surveying but whatever the objective we are able to tailor our training, consultancy and operations to meet your companies needs. We won’t be shoehorning a solution into your problem. Data handling, processing and analysis are designed in from the start; regulatory challenges and legislation are overcome; procedures, documentation and safety cases complete our offering.

Our reach stretches internationally and we are able to deploy our team of consultants, operators or instructors anywhere in the world

Intellisystem Technologies can supply every component required for a successful drone operation. If you wish to collect data using aerial platforms but want to outsource the operation we can help develop a tailored service available on demand to cover your networks. This can be combined with our in-house software to help manage assets. We have a range of platforms from our own multi rotors all the way through to fixed wing that we can supply or develop to meet your specific applications.

Our Drones – UAS – UAV are high-tech instrument for inspection and monitoring with added value and high value preservation

ThermalTronix TT1640S-TID-A - Fireman with Smoke - Intellisystem ThermalTronix TT1640S-TID-A - Thermal Inspection Drone - Thermal Measure - Intellisystem

Solutions that we offer

  • Producing & selling integrated drone systems that match your specific data and imagery needs.  We also provide all the training, support and post-flight processing you need to set up and run your drone operations.
  • Providing flight services using our pilots to fly our drones to gather and process the data or imagery you need.

Range of applications

  • UAS / UAV / drone-based on- & offshore inspection of oil and gas platforms.
  • UAS / UAV / drone-based inspection of infrastructure like bridges, roads, railways, power lines & equipment, viaducts, subways, tunnels, level crossings, dams, reservoirs, retaining walls etc.
  • UAS / UAV / drone-based inspection of wind farm & power stations.
  • UAS / UAV / drone-based inspection of solar park & PV modules.
  • UAS / UAV / drone-based thermal energy efficiency inspections.
  • UAS / UAV / drone-based inspection of drilling rigs, pipelines & transmission network.
  • UAS / UAV / drone-based asset & utility inspection.
  • UAS / UAV / drone-based operation in preventive action or emergency cases.

ThermalTronix TT1640S-TID-A - Thermal Inspection Drone with Fireman - Intellisystem

Get in touch with us to find the perfect high-grade drone system or UAV flight service for you.


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