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Explosion and fire blasted in hazardous chemicals stacking areas are very critical emergency situations for each firefighting search and rescue.

Typically after a disaster took place, rescue team arrive and enter into fire scene at the first time, and then different explosions may occur consequently with mushroom cloud blasting up which can be equivalent to 24 tons TNT explosion. Unfortunately this kind of disaster may cause hundreds  people casualty, including firefighters. And it may occur that different peoples can be lost and who are still actively being searched and to be rescued.

As traditional  rescue  method  accompanies  numerous  high risks, UAV and robots technology has become mature and is now gradually taking on more and more life-saving tasks around the world. In a large-scale fire scene, it’s vital to capture accurate fire information for making fast and efficient decisions and arrangements. UAV can capture fire point, hot-spot and display them on the ground station’s digital map, meantime it can acquire real-time data such as the contours of the fire, fire area, spreading speed and transmit them back to the ground control center.

ThermalTronix TT1640S-TID-A - Fireman with Smoke - Intellisystem

The advantage of the ThermalTronix UAV infrared thermal imaging system provide information of disaster situation in a faster and safer way, it can rapidly capture the largest fire source and ignition points by infrared imaging and increase firefighting efficiency. And the use of infrared detection technology in fire search and rescue can help firefighters to carry out tasks with all necessary information under a variety of adverse conditions, thus help make a right decision by clearly observing the scene.

Whether it is filled with smoke, heat, rain etc. or in a building collapse, firefighters are able to identify the object shape clearly and find trapped people quickly penetrating through dense smoke.


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