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OEM Thermal Imaging Intellisystem

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From start to finish, Intellisystem Technologies provide design, engineering and after-sales support to OEM thermal-imaging-module customers, giving you a seamless service that builds confidence in the end result.

Our services

Thermal Module Drawing - Intellisystem

Understanding your needs

Our reputation is built on the time we take to understand your needs and our ability to full fill your requirements. Our customer service starts when we talk to you about your intended application and all its components, including:

  • optoelectronics performance (resolution, thermal range etc)
  • form factor
  • weight
  • power consumption
  • environmental requirements
  • on-board processing capabilities
  • interfaces
  • MIL-SPECS (if needed).

From this information we advise on the best camera module and then work with you to plan the design and test process, including equipment loans, field demonstrations and trial runs. From there, we support you throughout development, test and manufacture to ensure you have all the information and equipment you need, when you need it.

Exper Team - Intellisystem

Expert team members

Intellisystem Technologies is far more than just a supplier. Thanks to ours dedicated Research & Development laboratories for the lifetime of your project we are an additional team member, giving you access to a number of benefits:

  • Liaising with manufacturers on your behalf – saving you time and working for you to resolve issues.
  • Access to our dedicated authorised repair centre in Italy – cost-effective inspection and repair from trained and qualified engineers.
  • Supply of key accessories – including bespoke lenses, camera housings, windows and more, supplying you with the complete package.
  • State-of-the-art logistics – including buffer stocking to support your manufacturing timeline.
  • Confidence – our facilities operate applying the last Hi-Tech solution available.



Supporting your project

At Intellisystem Technologies we understand the importance of reliability, quality and customer support. We have been providing thermal-imaging-module selection and support services to OEM customers for over 10 years. Building relationships with leading companies across the world, our job is to give you the very best advice and service to put you in a position to do your best. Our dedication, skill and knowledge make us an outstanding partner for your thermal-imaging needs.


Intellisystem Technologies