Technical Facilities

Technical Facilities Intellisystem

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Our technical facilities

As a technology focused company we adopt an impressive range of laboratories, workshops and specialized equipment that let us to develop a wide range of activities, including experimental work, testing prototypes, data analysis or training purposes. Our facilities are fully supported by expert engineers, technicians and specialist members of staff who can assist your use of the equipment and help you with the outcomes, including interpretation of the results.

Our engineers are leading experts across many different fields including Science, Medicine, Mechanics, Mechatronics arts and Humanities

We offer high quality, commercially-focused consultancy advice that will bring direct economic benefits to your business. Consultancy can help you gain a fresh perspective on a new product, offer innovative approaches to cracking a problem, and find practical solutions to the issues your business faces. Our expertise is supported by a business-focused team who will match your needs to our Research & Development’s expertise. This ensures that working with Intellisystem Technologies™ is simple, flexible and low risk.

Intellisystem Workshop - Competence Center

Our company proposes itself as a design and constructing company of special IT machines and electronics solutions for industry. The developed solutions are customized for reaching the most several enquiries of little and great industries . In over 13 years of activity Intellisystem Technologies™ confirms itself for the quality either for the proposed solution which follows the customers’ needs for “ costs and benefits” or for the efficiency and focus of its technicians and employees during the development and constructing of the projects.

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Imaging Services & Competence Center
  • Design, engineering and after-sales support for OEM camera module integration
  • Assemble, configure and test customisable imaging solutions
  • In-house manual assembly production and test facility for low- to medium-volume requirements
  • Higher volume can be built by Intellisystem Technologies™  in Asia and US
  • Calibration and repair center
  • In-house service for OEMs and military/commercial end users of cooled and uncooled thermal imaging equipment
  • In-house service for OEMs and military/commercial end users LASER imaging equipment

Intellisystem Satellite WorkShop

Satellite Communications Competence Center
  • Consultancy, design and manufacture of Satellite Communications solutions
  • Expertise in Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Advanced testing and validation for Satellite Communications hardware, throughout all stages of application design and product lifetime
  • Specialized on auto-acquire satellite antenna system which can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle or in a transportable case for Broadband Internet Access over any configured satellite
  • Expertise in instant access to satellite communications for any application that requires reliable and/or remote connectivity in a rugged environment. Ideally suited for industries such as oil & Gas Exploration, Military Communications, disaster Management, SnG, Emergency Communications Backup, Cellular Backhaul and many others.

RFID Intellisystem

RFId Competence Center
  • Design and production of RFId industrial solutions
  • RFID Solutions Consulting and Design from the start – to ensure clients benefit from efficient and cost saving solutions in line with the current legal regulations and requirements.
  • Up to date with the latest technical and application developments, including design and custom software realization
  • Expertise in helps with the selection, design and commissioning of appropriate RFId products solution that full fit with each particular customer requirements
  • Advanced testing and validation for RFId hardware, like specific antennas and tags 
  • Engineering services such as functionality checks related to any RFId technology, standards and specifications

Intellisystem Industrial Ethernet 300x233

Industrial Networking Custom Services & Competence Center
  • Consultancy & Specialist for Automation and Networking Technology
  • Intellisystem Technologies™ develops innovative solutions, which are geared towards its customers’ requirements in terms of performance, scalability, efficiency and investment reliability
  • Whether it is Consulting, Training or Support – the Intellisystem Technologies™ Industrial Networking Competence Center provides customized support directly from the chip manufacturer. Regardless of which technology our customer is using
  • Whether it is network design or network optimization – the result is the same. We make sure our solution matches our customers ideas and processes


We believe that at every point in the process our customer must receive exactly the amount of support required. It makes sense to include the Intellisystem Technologies™ Competence Centers in your plans right from the beginning.

Good advice is only expensive when it comes too late

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