(English) IT-ISS 7710 Controller

(English) IT-ISS 7710 Controller

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Simple stand-alone one touch operation to find satellite and stow antenna. Typical satellite acquisition time in less than 2 minutes. Ideal for applications that require a quick, simple setup and reliable connection. Internal DVB receiver provides modem independence. Based on an embedded software solution.

Intellisystem Technologies thanks to its strong partnership with C-Com Satellite Systems Inc. is not only their official systems distributors but also a system integrators with added value support and OEM enginering able to work on custom customer’s Industrial and Research & Development projects.

• Simultaneous multi-axis movements

• Easy to confgure and operate; one touch stand-alone solution

• Single  control cable connection to iNetVu® platform

• Front Panel Confgurable

• Only works with iNetVu® mobile platforms which are equipped with 7720 on-board module

• Supports DVB-S and DVB-S2/ACM frequencies

• Optimal, high-precision antenna pointing

• Remote access and operation via Network, Web and other Interfaces

• Supports inclined orbit satellites

• Integrated with multiple modems

• Works with GPS and GLONASS Satellite Navigation Systems

• Global Position Information available for external devices

• Interoperable with Uplogix’s remote management appliances

• Supported languages by GUI interface: English, Russian, Swedish Electrical Chinese (Mandarin, Traditional) and Spanis

• Standard 2 year warranty


Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English. Per ragioni di convenienza del visitatore, il contenuto è mostrato sotto nella lingua alternativa. Puoi cliccare sul link per cambiare la lingua attiva.

The Intellisystem Technologies Integrated Satellite Solutions (IT-ISS) provides two-way broadband satellite connectivity for non-terrestrial WAN Backup, IP multicast, and broadband internet access.

The iNetVu® 7710 Controller

• Can be operated from a PC application using the USB port or network port

• Has built in web interface that can be operated remotely or locally over a network connection

• Can be completely confgured from the front panel with a password protected confguration menu

• Protects the platform and its components from damage, using current levels and sensor readings. It includes motion and movement   protection as wel

• Provides automatic re-peaking if signal degradation occurs

• Works correctly even when deployed while on an incline (in any direction) of up to 15°

• Can search for both DVB-S and DVB-S2/ACM carriers • Supports full automatic and manual control of the iNetVu® Platform

• Allows the users to select from multiple speed levels for both azimuth and elevation movements

• Allows the system to operate unattended in remote locations

• It is able to upload the recorded log information (Maximum of 12 hours) from the controller to the PC for troubleshooting

• Supports full tracking of Inclined Orbit satellites by both signal strength and timed function

• Is capable of powering the LNB with 13-21 Volts, selectable in software

• Provides the option of saving the settings to a confguration fle that can be used to confgure additional controllers with the same confguration parameters

• Works seamlessly with Uplogix Remote Management Appliances

• Supports both GPS and GLONASS Satellite Navigation Systems

• Supports Electronic Flux Gate Compass for increased speed of acquisition

• Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability by C-COM

• Only works with iNetVu® Mobile antenna platforms which are equipped with 7720 on board module

SEVEN methods of fnding satellite with the iNetVu® 7710 Controller

• DVB Search – Searches directly for any DVB-S or DVB-S2 (ACM) carrier on the target satellite and peaks on it.

• DVB Search, Opposite Polarity – Searches for DVB-S or DVB-S2 carrier in the opposite polarity on target satellite, then rotates  polarization axes and enables transmitter if modem signal attained.

• DVB Search, Reference Satellite with modem – Searches for a DVB-S or DVB-S2 carrier on ANY confgured reference satellite then moves to  the target satellite and peaks on modem signal.

• DVB Search, Reference Satellite without modem – Peaks on a reference satellite then uses precise pointing mechanism to locate the target satellite, even  when  no modem RF or beacon signal is available to peak on.

• RF Automatic Search – The system will stop and search for modem signal when it senses an increase in RF energy received through  the DVB tuner as it passes by the target satellite. If the modem signal is found, the system will begin the peak process.

• RF Override Search – The user specifes an RF Threshold such that the system stops when it reaches an area above the threshold  and looks for modem signal to peak on.

•  Beacon Receiver – The iNetVu® Controller works seamlessly with the optional iNetVu® Beacon Receiver by searching for a specifed beacon  frequency and then peaks on it (search gain level can be adjusted).


Modem Compatibility*

The DVB-S2/ACM Tuner is an integrated part of all iNetVu® 7710 Controllers. It allows the iNetVu® system the option to fnd the satellite with and without the use of a satellite modem. Compact and adaptable, this high performance tuner is programmable to any DVB-S or DVB-S2/ACM frequency and allows the user to pre-confgure specifc satellite options.

HughesNet Viasat iDirect
HN 7000/7000S Surfbeam ll/PRO Evolution X5/X7
HN 9200/9260 Tooway/PRO
HN 9400/9460 Newtec
HN 9600/9800 Gilat MDM-3100 (standalone)
HX 50/90/100/200/250/260 Skyedge II/IP
HT 1100/1200/1300 Skyedge II/Pro/Access Romantis/Eastar*
Skyedge IIc (Standalone) UHP-1000
Comtech/ Radyne*
CDM-600L/570L/625/840 Ipstar* STM*
DMD 20/DMD 20 LBST IPX-5100/9200 SatLink
SkyWire MDX420 IPX-3200 1000/1910/2000/2900

* Modem Integration underway.  Please contact us if you need more information about modem compatibility  as these may change without further notice.

Optional Beacon Receiver

An optional 19” rack mount iNetVu® Beacon Receiver (BR300L) is available and has been integrated to work with the iNetVu® Controllers. This external self contained compact unit detects the power density of the satellite beacon (930MHz – 2300MHz) and is connected to the controller via an RS232 serial port interface.

Optional GPS/GLONASS Compass

An optional GPS/Glonass based compass is available and has been integrated with the iNetVu Controllers. This external compact device can be ftted on roof of vehicle beside the iNetVu platform to provide accurate vehicle heading within 1 degree irrespective of the surrounding magnetic feld. The precise heading of the antenna translates to a smaller search window and hence faster satellite acquisitions. Interfaces to the controller via RS-232 serial port.


RF Rx In Type F Connector
Rx Out Type F Connector
7720 Port  Circular Metal Connector
Network Interface RJ45 Connector
USB 2.0 (Full Speed) USB Type B Receptacle
Serial Port DB9 Female Connector
DC In  Circular Amp Connector
GPS  SMA Connector


LNB Power                                     Disable, 13V, 14V, 18V, 19V, 20V, 21V @ 500 mA (Max.)
Universal AC Input                    100 – 240VAC, 4.0 – 2.0A, 50/60 Hz
DC Input                                          24VDC @ 15A (Max.)
Idle Power Consumption        24VDC @ 1A


Dimensions 19” 1U Rack Mountable Unit
Standard H: 4.5cm (1.75”) W: 43cm (17.1”) D: 28cm (11.0”)
Weight 4.5kg (9.9 lbs)


Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C (-4°F – 122°F)
Storage Temperature -40°C to +60°C (-40°F – 140°F)

Shipping Dimensions

Shipping box: 54 cm × 44 cm × 20 cm (21” × 17” × 8”) ; 7kg (15 lbs) Optional – See Transportable Cases datasheet

Datasheet Prodotto

Raccolta Datasheet Soluzioni Integrate Satellitari

Tabella Sintetica Soluzioni Integrate Satellitari

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