(English) TT-1930MS-NVBM

(English) TT-1930MS-NVBM


Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera.

TT-1930MS-NVBM is a cooled multi-functional handheld thermal binocular, widly used in 24/7 surveillance, capture and evidence gathering. Operated in harsh envirorment, with shock and vibration resistance features achieved TT-1930MS-NVBM the ideak choice for observing applications such as day & night surveillance, law enforcement, tracking, etc.


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  • High Sensitivity.
  • Ultra-long-range observation.
  • Optical dual FOV.
  • Support IP67.
  • Fast Auto-Focus.
  • Binocular OLED display.
  • Photo & Video record.
  • GPS.
  • Electrical compass.
  • Laser finder.



ItemsThermalTronix TT-1930MS-NVBM
DetectorDetector typeHgCdTe Cooled FPA detector
Spectral range3 - 5 µm
Array size320×256
Pixel size30um
Image characteristicsLens240/60mm/F4
FOVWFOV: 9.1°×7.2°, NFOV: 2.3°×1.8°
IFOVWFOV: 0.5mrad , IFOV: 0.125mrad
FocusFast auto-focus/Electronics focus
Frame rate50Hz
Image displayDisplayBinocular OLED, 800×6 00
Auto standbySensitive
Image storageStorage cardBuilt-in flash memory
Storage modePicture
File formatJPEG
Storage capacityMore than 1000 images
FunctionsGain/Brightness adjustmentManual/Automatic
CalibrationAutomatic when start-up time, manual when working normal
Digital zoom2X
Polarity inversionWhite/Black hot mode
ReticleDemonstration/hide away
Noise reductionYes
Startup time<8 mins
Laser finderSpectral range1.57um
Measurement range100m-5km
Electrical compassAzimuth accuracy± 0.6º RMS
Elevation accuracy± 0.3º
Power supplyBattery typeLi-Ion, Rechargeable
Battery operating time3 hours continuous operation
Charging systemIntelligent charger
Power consumption≤18W
EnvironmentOperating temp -30℃~+60℃
Storage temp-40℃~+70℃
InterfaceExternal PowerY(DC 21V~27V )
Video outPAL,75Ω
Data transmissionUSB
Remote controlRS422
Tripod mounting3/8"-16-UNC
Detection rangeHuman(1.8*0.5)m7200m
Recognition rangeHuman(1.8*0.5)m2400m

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