(English) TT-18D-MPS

(English) TT-18D-MPS

(English) Thermal Imaging Cores For System Integration – Uncooled FPA Detector – Series: 3 Models

OEM Module Micro-Bolometer



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  • Intellisystem self-innovation detector, cost effective
  • Small & light with multiple interface for easy integration
  • High resolution, sharp image
  • Low consumption
  • Color palettes ad option for better observation
  • Perfect operational temperature adaptability: -40°C ~ +60°C



ItemsThermalTronix TT-18D-MPS Series
Detector characteristicsDetector typeUncooled FPA microbolometer
Array size384×288384×288640x480
Spectral range8 ~ 14um
Temp controlTEC
NETD≤ 60mK ( f/1,300K,25-50Hz )
Thermal time constant≤ 5ms
Image characteristicsFrame rate50Hz
Display resolution768×576640x480
Analog video outputPAL
Digital Video14-bit
Gain/Brightness adjustmentManual brightness/gain; auto brightness/manual gain ; auto brightness/gain
Digital zoomX2,X4
CalibrationManual and Auto
System characteristicsCommunication ProtocolIntellisystem-protocol/PELCO-D
Image EnhancementYES , enhance the ability to detect the small object
Image FilterYES , Digital filter
Polarity inversionWhite/black hot mode
Power supplyExternal powerDC 5V±0.2V
Power consumption≤ 1.5W (normal atmospheric temp)≤2 W (normal atmospheric temp)
Electrical interfacePower interfaceYES
Analog video outputYES
Digital Video output ( optional )YES
Serial portTTL 3.3V
EnvironmentOperation temperature -15 ℃ ~ +50 ℃( Can expanded to -40 ℃ ~ +60 ℃)
Storage temperature-40 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
Humidity5~95% , Non condensing
Physical characteristicsSize ( mm )W40mm× H41mm× D35mm
Weight≤ 76g ( including housing 、 shutter )
Lens mount interfaceM34×0.75 ;screw thread
Mechanical interface2×M3 ( four sides ); screw hole
Electrical connector26 pins connector (including cable )
(English) TT-18D-MPS
(English) TT-18D-MPS
(English) TT-18D-MPS
(English) TT-18D-MPS
(English) TT-18D-MPS
(English) TT-18D-MPS
(English) TT-18D-MPS
(English) TT-18D-MPS
(English) TT-18D-MPS
(English) TT-18D-MPS
(English) TT-18D-MPS

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