(English) IT-SC485C-SW


Port-Power RS232 to RS485/422 Converter

The IT-SC485C-SW is an industrial grade bi-directional port-powered RS232 to RS485 or RS422 converter in a 9 pin format. It can convert any standard full duplex RS232C port to any two-wire balanced half duplex RS485 port or four-wire balanced full duplex RS485 or RS422 port. In simple terms, it will convert any RS232 signal to a RS485 or RS422 signal and vice versa.  The unit is powered from the RS232 data lines. It also supports data direction auto-turnaround. Therefore, no external power or flow control is required. The data direction auto-turnaround automatically enables the RS485/RS422 driver when data is present on the RS232 side making the device plug-and-play, requiring no software drivers. The IT-SC485C-SW has a DB9 female connector on the RS232 side and either a DB9 male connector or 5 bit terminal block on the RS485/RS422 side.


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  • Plug-and-Play, small volume, easy installation
  • Port-powered, high efficiency obtain electricity, can also worked on 3 lines
  • RS-232 to RS-485 or RS-232 to RS-422
  • Lowest consumption
  • Automatic send data control, auto distinguish and sense direction adopt data transfer
  • Auto sense serial signal rate, zero delay automatic transmit
(English) IT-SC485C-SW
(English) IT-SC485C-SW
(English) IT-SC485C-SW
(English) IT-SC485C-SW

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