(English) IT-7212-PC

(English) 10/100M Ethernet to E1 Bridge

IT-7212-PC bridge provides easy conversion from ITU-T G.703 E1 channel to Ethernet interface. Can used widely in connecting between WAN and LAN, monitoring, etc. The Ethernet interface is 10/100Mbps auto negotiation and can be full/half duplex. The E1 is transparent and in full rate, which can support the E1 unframed mode, including fractional E1 per request. A pair of IT-7212-PC offers a cost effective solution for using existing E1 leased lines for transparent Ethernet service. Local management of the IT-7212-PC Converter is provided via DIPswitches. Front panel LEDs monitor the G.703 link, Ethernet LAN and serial ports for status and Loss of Sync.
IT-7212-PC compact G.703 Access Converter provides E1/2.048 Mbps Network Termination as well as serial or Ethernet LAN interface conversion in a standalone or rack mount package.
IT-7212-PC terminates the G.703 Telco interface and converts the data for transmission to a user-oriented 10/100BaseT(X) interface.


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  • Using E1 line transparent transfer Ethernet data
  • Support N×64Kbps (N=1~32) rate
  • Support local clock and line clock
  • Support pretend random coding loop test
  • E1 (G.703) interface support 120ohm (RJ-45) and 75ohm (BNC double coaxial)
  • Ethernet MAC address percolate function
  • Support VLAN over length data bag
  • Ethernet port support 10M/100M full-duplex/half-duplex



Protocol: G.703, G.704, G.736, G.823, I.431
IEEE802.3 100BASE_Tx
Circuit interface (E1): Impedance: 75Ω, physical interface: BNC
Impedance: 120Ω, physical interface: RJ45
Interface rate: framing: N×64Kbps (N=0~31); un-framing: 2.048Mbps
Coding: HDB3, Jitter tolerance in accordance with G.823 Output jitter < 0.05UI
Data interface (100BASE_T):
Impedance: 100Ω, physical interface: RJ45
Interface rate: 100Mbps
Coding: Manchester
Cable: 75Ωcoaxial-cable, UTP5 twisted pair
Transmission range: circuit interface: BNC: 600m; RJ45: 300m
Data interface: 100m
Indicator: indicating power, connection states of data and circuit interfaces, operation state, test state and trouble alarm.
Dimensions: stand alone: 140mm (D) × 210mm (W) × 40mm (H)
Rack mount: 19in standard 4.5U cabinet
Power supply: stand alone: 85V~264V AC input, 5V/1A output
-36V~-72V DC input, 5V/1A output rack mount: 150V~260V AC input, 5V/16A, 12V/1A output
-38V~-58V DC input, 5V/16A, 12V/1A output
Power dissipation: 3W
Operational temperature: 0° C~50° C
Storage temperature: -20° C~80° C
Humidity: 5%~90% (no condensation)
Warranty: 3 years
Approvals: FCC, CE, RoHS approvals

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