(English) IT-3000-OCT

(English) IT-3000-OCT


IT-3000-OCT is a type of RS-485/422 bus division concentrator of high performance. IT-3000-OCT adopts the unique equipotential differential isolation and bus division concentration technology to effectively such problems as ground potential difference, impedance matching and lightning strike frequently seen in engineering wiring process. Users can easily optimize the RS-485/RS-422 bus structure, divide the network section and improve the communication reliability. The fault network section shall be isolated in case of lightning strike or equipment faults to ensure the high communication reliability of other network sections. Such performance of IT-3000-OCT can significantly improve the reliability of existing RS-485/RS-422 network, and effectively shorten the network maintenance time. Reasonable utilization of IT-3000-OCT can enable you to design unique RS-485/RS-422 system.



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  1. 8 ports cards insert optical isolation RS485/422 HUB
  2. Star structure, bi-directional Converter RS232 to RS485/422 or RS485/422 repeater
  3. Reach up to 3000m at the rate of 9600bps
  4. 600W surge protection, 15KV ESD protection, built-in short circuit protection
  5. Each port 3000V optical isolation separately
  6. Support stage connection, each port support 256 nodes loopback
  7. Data direction auto-turnaround, no flow control is necessary





Standards: EIA RS-232C, RS-485, RS422 standard

RS-232 signal: TX, RX, GND

RS-422 signal: T+, T-, R+, R-, GND

RS-485 signal: D+, D-, GND

Working mode: Asynchronism, point to point, 2 wire half-duplex, 4 wire full duplex

Baud rate: 300~115200bps, auto test serial signal rate detect signal speed automatically, zero delay time

Flow control: Data direction auto-turnaround, no flow control is required

Transfer distance: RS-485/422 side: 1.8Km (9600bps)

RS-232 side: no less than 15m

Loading: Support 256 nodes loopback

Optical isolation: 3000V

Port protection: 600W surge protection, 15KV ESD protection

Connector: 5 bit terminal block


Power input: 220VAC

Consumption: 5W

Mechanical Structure

Dimensions: 227.0mm×146.0mm×43.0mm

Material: Plastic

Color: Black

Weight: 1000g

3 years
Packing List

  1. IT-3000-OCT ×1
  2. 220V power line ×1
  3. User manual ×1

(English) IT-3000-OCT
(English) IT-3000-OCT

Manuale Prodotto

Datasheet Prodotto

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