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(English) UAS – UAV Inspection & Monitoring Solutions for Oil & Gas
UAS - UAV Inspection & Monitoring Solutions for Oil & Gas - Intellisystem Technologies

(English) UAS – UAV Inspection & Monitoring Solutions for Oil & Gas

Since the year 2006, the Research & Development department of Intellisystem Technologies has worked as leading specialist oil and gas drone inspection provider globally.

Intellisystem Technologies presents on the markets a new Unmanned Aircraft Systems (called UAS or UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) solution for the Oil and Gas industry showing new capabilities that reduce cost and operational risk while also improving efficiency.

Drone - Intellisystem Technologies

Our solutions is able to produce 4K and full HD video, 3D full HD, High Resolution Pictures, High Resolution 3D Picture, thermal video and imagery. All the drones collected data are fed into our company’s proprietary data platform, analysed and delivered to the client as a technical report. Each part of this process involve our highly qualified, in-house team engineers of global industry experts in flare systems and structural engineering.

Our UAS service can be used to measure and quantify oil spills, determine how the oil is moving in water and provide information and imagery to the command center. Infrared (IR) and thermal imaging can be extremely helpful to survey oil spills making it easier to see where the oil is spreading.

Riprese raffineria Drone - Intellisystem Technologies

This critical information increases the situational awareness of first responders to the incident, increasing safety and the ability to make better decisions in the clean-up planning efforts.

All of this involve:

  • Less staff requirement with more safety.Traditional methods like industrial mountaineering and height works with scaffold services or helicopter operations involve high risk and are cost-intensive.
  • Less time required. Quickly airborne.Quick live image analysis. Immediately processable data.
  • No loss of production.Eliminates the need to take your facilities off the grid, reduced downtime and allows surveys during production or construction.

Another use of our UAS solution service is monitoring pipelines. IR and thermal image capabilities enable the unmanned aircraft to detect leaks that would otherwise not be visible. Additionally, specialized sensors can be used to detect emissions of gas leaks. Applications from asset security, ice monitoring and terrain mapping are just a few ways this highly effective technology can be utilized today.

UAS UAV Oil & Gas aerial image with optical zoom - Intellisystem Technologies

Intellisystem Technologies over the years has reached a big aviation experience, providing live flare, structural and under deck inspections onshore and offshore. The business is growing fast, and is set to continue to scale as the world’s leading drone inspection operator in oil and gas.

UAS UAV Oil & Gas Thermal Image of refinery - Intellisystem Technologies

Intellisystem Technologies’ unmanned aircraft systems offer the oil & gas industry valuable capabilities that will reduce all the operational cost and risk, while improving security and efficiency.

UAS UAV Oil & Gas aerial image - Intellisystem Technologies

Our services can be delivered globally across five regions of the world on safe, cost effective and fast way.

Our business unit is headquartered in Siracusa (Italy).

Range of UAV drone-based inspection applications:

Type pf offshore inspection of oil and gas platforms:

  • Infrastructure like bridges, roads, railways, power lines & equipment, viaducts, subways, tunnels, level crossings, dams, reservoirs, retaining walls etc.
  • Wind farm & power stations.
  • Solar park & PV modules.
  • Thermal energy efficiency inspections.
  • Drilling rigs, pipelines & transmission network.
  • Operation in preventive action or emergency cases.
  • Asset, environmental & wildlife surveying.
  • Oil spill detection.
  • Oil spill damage assessment.
  • Oil/Gas pipeline surveillance incident mapping.
  • Search and rescue (SAR).
  • Coastline monitoring.
  • Sea ice monitoring.
  • Terrain mapping.
  • Facility security.



Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) inspection services for Oil and Gas, Safety Overwatch Service, Rapid Response Service.

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