(English) TT-CSLD-D

(English) TT-CSLD-D


Thermal Real-Time Camera – Uncooled FPA Detector 384×288


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  • Front end temperature measurement.
  • Real time video output, no delay.
  • Can monitor @ zero illumination, smoke, rain and fog.
  • Fast and accurate measurement, excellent homogeneity.
  • Thermal imaging compress and network transmission.
  • International advanced level intelligent target identification system.
  • Auto Cruise.
  • Management of various security events and devices.
  • Can work smoothly in atrocious weather condition.
  • Easy report creation.
  • Can monitor with Mobile phone, real time.
  • IEC61850 protocol compatible.
  • Easy installation



Detector characteristicsDetector TypeUncooled FPA microbolometer
Thermal ImageFOV/Min Foucs16°×12°/0.5m8°×6°/3m
Thermal sensitivity≤0.06℃@30℃
Frame Frequancy50/60Hz
Spectral range8~14μm
CCDZoom6X optical Zoom
Pixel1.3m ( dpi )
Horizontal resolution600 ( TVL )
Min Illumination0.005 ( Lux )
PTZHorizontal Rotating Angle0° ~ 360°continuous rotation
PresetsMax 255
Mounting Way & pitching angleTop Mounting -90° ~ +90°
MeasurementsMeasurement range-20 ℃~+500 ℃
measurement correctionAuto/Manual
Measurement accuracy±2℃ or ±2% of reading, whichever is greeater
Temperature modeFree Setting in the software
Image StorageRaw image captureRaw images realtime transfer cia client control software, the images are analyzable and measureable
Image StorageH.264 real-time recording
Single image capture in BMP format
Power supplyExternal Power in220AC
Power Consumption≤75W (@ 25℃ normal operation)
EnvironmentOperating temperature-40℃ ~ +60℃
Humidity≤90% (Non-condensing)
Automatic Device recognitionAutomatic recognize the effective target device, based on the thermal imaging taken by the system to make sure the validity of the inspection.
False alarm prevention SystemAll the temperature are getting from the effective target and can be set to only take the temperature of the marked devices ,the interference hotspot will be automatic eliminated thus to avoid the false alarms.
Management of the detailed device working statusBuild up manage system of all the devices and parts, all the temperatures of the devices in the cover of the thermal imaging camera will be record and analysed. The system can locate the exact position of the alarm area.
Auto cruiseSystem using PTZ with preset function and 128 presets can be set in the system. Several auto cruise plan are available, so can realize totally automatic operation. Inspect the devices several times a day, automatic early warning, automatic output report forms etc. it can obviously reduce the human on sight inspections and improve the working efficiency.
Automatic early warningThe system will output alarm with words and voice when abnormal temperatures are detected in cruise, it will give indication to the operator in order to track the fault position and get rid of the fault.
Automatic report creationThe system software can generate single thermal imaging analysis report of the device joint or comprehensive report which show the every recording temperature and the temperature change trend of the specified target.
Panorama pictureThe system can generate wide view, high-precision, 360 degree panorama picture of the target scheme.
Front end measurementAll the temperatures are taken by the front end thermal camera but not from the computer and the camera output video stream with temperature data.
Dual field of View. Assist recognitionThe system contain a thermal imaging camera and a visual camera. So the visual camera can assist to identify the target positions to find out the overheat point in time.
Low BandwidthLow bandwidth working mode. The bandwidth will not more than 0.8MBps when temperature data and video stream transmit synchronously.
SDKRealtime control SDK
Imaging processing SDK
intelligent thermal imaging transformer device recognition SDK
Remote control Client SDK
WEB control client SDK
Development supportImmediately response, 24hours on sight support.
Protocol supportIEC60870-5-104

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