(English) TT-607FG-HTI

(English) Thermal Imaging Camera – Infrared Gas Detection


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  • Adapt passive thermal imaging technology, could accurately find the leakage point at long distance without power supply shutdown.
  • Using Cooled QWIP detector, enjoy superior image quality and accurate temperature measurement.
  • 1ions, have voice and video recording function.
  • HD OLED view finder, combined with 5° touch rotating screen, suitable for many on-site using.
  • No specific background and auxiliary light needed, suitable for many on-site checking.
  • Small size, light weight and easy operation, suitable for single person on-site using.



ItemsThermalTronix TT-607FG-HTI
DetectorDetector TypeCooled QWIP detector
Array size320*256
Image CharacteristicsField of View/min focus distance14.5°×10.8°/0.5m or 24°×18°/0.3m
Spatial resolution0.79mrad or 1.13mrad
Frame rate60Hz
FocusAutomatic/Manual/electric focusing
Zoom9.8~11.2μm,Summit 10.55μm
CCD320million pixel CMOS,AF
Image displayView finderHigh resolution 0.6’ color OLED, band amplifier
LCDHigh resolution 5’ digital color LCD touch screen
Image adjustmentAutomatic/manual adjust contrast, brightness
Color palette11 color palette (including iron oxide red; optional rainbow; black and white; black and white inversion etc)
MeasurementTemp range-40℃~+500℃
Accuracy±2℃ or ±2%(reading range), large value
Measurement correctionAutomatic/manual
ModeUp to 10 movable spots, Up to 5 movable areas(maximum, minimum and average temperatures)
Up to 2 movable lines, Line profile, Isotherms; Temperature difference. Alarm (voice, color)
SetupDate/time; temperature unit°C/°F/k language
Emissivity Correction0.01 to 1 radiation rate adjustable
Background temp adjustmentAutomatically, according to the type of the background temperature
Atmospheric transmission correctionAutomatically, according to the type of the target distance; relative humidity; environment temperature.
Image SaveStorage Card8G SD card, could up to 32G
Storage modeManual/automatic single-frame image storage, continuous visible, infrared video recording
Storage modeThermal/CCD, CCD thermal image automatic association of the corresponding
Single frameJPEG, 14 bit thermal image with measurement data
VideoMPEG-4 or 14 bit thermal image with measurement data
Single frameJPEG format or with single frame image stored (PIP)
Voice annotation40S, saved together with the image
Target designationLaser pointerSecond level,1mW/635nm red
Power supplyBattery typeLi-ion, rechargeable
Battery operating time3 hours continuous operation
Charging systemIntelligent charge or power supply adaptor online charge
Power savingAutomatic screen saver, automatic shutdown
External power10-15V DC
EnvironmentWorking temp-20℃ ~ +50℃
Physical featureWeight2.5Kg
InterfaceExternal DC inputYes
Audio outputYes
USB 2.0USB2.0,measurement date and voice transfer to PC
Video outputHDMI
Detection of GasSix sulfar fluoride; ammonial; ethyl cyanoacrylate; Chlorine dioxide; acetic acid; Chloro two methyl fluoride; ethylene; methyl ethyl ketone, etc.

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