(English) TT-1930SL-BFTC


Thermal Imaging Camera – Security Observation

With advanced cooled FPA infrared detector 320×256 pixels, TT-1930SL-BFTC cooled thermal imaging camera features easy operation and strong environment adaptability, which is ideal for applications such as surveillance, monitoring, suppress smuggling, search as well as forest fire protection and etc.


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  • 320×256 Cool FPA detector
  • High thermal sensitivity
  • IP67



 Detector Features Detector Type Legal FPA
 Matrix Size / Format 320 × 256
 Manage image Field of view / focus distance min Wide: 9.1 ° × 7.3 ° 5m /  
Strait: 3,0 ° × 2,4 ° / 30m
 Spatial Resolutions (IFOV) Wide: 0.5mrad  
narrow: 0.17mrad
 NETD ≤ 13mk @ 30 ℃, F2
 Frame Rate 50HZ
 Focus Automatic / manual focus electronic
 Spectral band 3.7 ~ 4.8μm
 Image Display Display High resolution CRT screen with optical zoom, Resolution: 800 lines
 Thermal image adjust Brightness / Adjustment Gain Automatic / Manual
 Image polarity Hot black / warm white
 Electronic zoom 2X
 Noise reduction Yes
 Image enhancement Yes
 Calibration Auto / manual
 Crosshair On / off
 Image Storage File Format photo or video
 Power supply Battery Type Li-ion, rechargeable
 Battery operating time More than 3 hours of continuous operation
 Charging system Smart charger
 Extermal power 27 ± 3V DC
 Environment Operating Temperature -25 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
 Storage Temperature -40 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
 Physical characteristics Weight ≤ 5.37 kg (exclude battery)
 Dimensious 426 mm × 96 mm × 212 mm
 Interface Extermal DC input Yes
 Video Out PAL
 To control RS422

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