(English) TT-1060WMD-HBTMS


Real Time Thermal Imaging – Uncooled Detector 384×288

TT-1060WMD-HBTMS has the characteristics of non-contact, convenient, fast, safe, to overcome the traditional thermometer, thermometer, and ear temperature meter only for individual measurement, time-consuming, easy cross.
Infection and other problems, and can effectively control the epidemic diffusion, reduce casualties, and is especially suitable for the body temperature quickly investigation in the airport, dock, station, hospital, shopping malls, and larger flow


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  • Using uncooled detectors, 384×288 pixel.
  • Adopts high resolution cameras, resolution of 600 lines.
  • The real-time dynamic thermal imaging, multi objective automatic measurement.
  • Non-contact measurement of the distance, fast and safe.
  • The intelligent temperature measurement, temperature automatic correction of body surface.
  • Network thermal imager, transmission mode.
  • Automatic correction, without manual intervention, the built-in reference blackbody and high precision temperature sensor, eliminate temperature drift, can be long-team stable and reliable work, no interference factor such as environment temperature.



ItemsThermalTronix TT-1060WMD-HBTMS
Array size384×288
Temperature range0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
NETD0.06 ℃
Field of view24°×18°
Focus modeAutomatic/Electric
Image refresh rate50Hz
LCD19” touch screen
Through the internal and external blackbody Automatic temperature correction
Output video formatStandard PAL format, digital video format
Temperature stability ≤±0.3 ℃
repetitiveness≤±0.2 ℃
Warning time≤0.06 second
Temperature uniformity≤±0.4 ℃
CCD camera600TV line high definition camera
Data transmissionRJ-45 Ethernet output, real time transmission of MPE4 digital video/original measurement data
Rear and control computerThe special industrial computer (with image acquisition functions)
Dimensions345×189×154mm (main machine) 600×660×1180mm (With the mobile station)
Weight5Kg (main machine) 65Kg (With the mobile station)

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