(English) TT-1010MD-FTM

(English) TT-1010MD-FTM


Thermal Imaging Camera – Uncooled FPA Bolometer (160×120)

Ideal for power distribution cabinets, processing and manufacturing, data center, transportation and public transit.


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With 160*120/120*120 pixels (optional) the TT-1010MD-FTM series infrared camera is a collection of infrared, visible light in one Network-based thermal imaging cameras, with dual-band image Enhancement technology, small size and cost-effective features. Ideal for power distribution cabinets, processing and manufacturing, data center, transportation and public transit, continuous condition monitoring and hot spot detection of power plants and storage facilities.



DetectorTypeUncooled FPA bolometer
Array size160x120
Pixel size25um
Spectral range8-14um
Frame rate12 Hz
Thermal sensitivity0.10℃@30℃
LensFocal length3.8mm/F1.0
DOF range0.1m~∞
Focus typeFixed lens
Interface typeFixed
Visible fusionHigh precision image fusion
ImagePseudo color6 kinds ( iron, white hot, black hot, rainbow, cool metal, chrysophoron )
MeasureMeasure range.-20℃~ +250℃
Measure accuracy±2℃ or ±2%
Measure calibrationAuto/manual , shutter
Measure mode6 movable spots, 6 movable areas with highest and lowest temp display and tracking, temp alarm (voice, color), Isothermal and difference measurement.
Temp color codeAdjustable
Emissivity0.01 ~ 1.0 adjustable ( increment 0.01 )
Background temp calibrationYes
Atmospheric transmissivityYes
ConfigurationDate/time/format, temperature unit℃/℉/K, language, network parameter
StorageOriginal data collectionSignal frame/25 frame original data image manually collect, the data collected can be analyzed and measured.
Image storageMPEG4 real-time continuous image recording ; built-in SD card, 7x24 data recording(thermal +visible image) ; Captured image saved as JPEG format
PowerExternal powerDC 12V
Power consumption≤3W(Normal operation at 25 ℃ )
EnvironmentWorking Temp-15 ℃ ~+50 ℃
Storage Temp-40 ℃ ~+70 ℃
Humidity≤95% Non - Condensing
Protection LevelIP54
Shock resistance25G, IEC68-2-29
Anti-knock2G, IEC68-2-6
SecurityElectromagnetic compatibilityCE/FCC
Hazardous substances control RoHS/PAHs
Physical characteristicsDimension56×84×30mm
InterfaceTripodReserve tripod interface, , M3 thread mouth
Network100M Ethernet port, Support TCP/IP 、 ONVIF protocol
Back-endSoftwareProvide DEMO software and SDK for clients’ integration
(English) TT-1010MD-FTM

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