(English) IT-SSLM300-IRL


  • Adopt with auto surface emitting laser chip (VCSEL), zero light attenuation
  • Wide range of working temperature, good adaptability to the environment
  • Surface emitting chip offers safer operation
  • Illuminating distance 300m
  • Evenly spot provided by array lighting
  • Photoelectric conversion efficiency up to 40%
  • Under 50°C working temperature, photoelectric conversion efficiency up to 35%
  • Auto zooming, step-less optical zoom
  • Reliable with life span more than 50000hrs
  • Small in size, easy to integrate
  • RS232, RS485, TTL ports options
  • Coaxial lens focus, sync. with camera
  • Homogenized light spot with no noise
  • Power lose memories
  • CE proved
  • Preset position
  • Low heating, high efficiency


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This laser illuminator is high performance integrated with high quality laser chip and excellent optics design, and outstanding circuit control with high efficiency. It has big beam angle zooming, which can match the field view angle of cameras. It also has friendly interfaces such as operating voltage, communication protocol and installation schematic. It can be widely used in high-speed dome, PTZ camera and traffic monitoring. This illuminator is compatible with major lens and cameras, integrated with the protocols such as Pelco P&D, Sony VISCA protocol. It is easy for users to implement the illuminator. Simultaneously, Position can be preset via serial port, and users can call the instruction to operate conveniently in use.


  • Speed Dome
  • PTZ camera
  • Box camera
  • Highway monitoring
  • Display applications
  • Military applications



ParametersTypical valuesUnitRemarks
Laser modeMultimode
Optical power1.8WLaser output
Spot shapeCircular
Illuminating distance300m
Spot uniformHomogenized light spot without noise
Fan angle1.6-65°
Operating voltage12V
Operating current1A
Operating temperature-80°C
Storage temperature-125°C
Power consumption12w
DimensionsL70 ´ W51 ´ H51mm
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Surface colorBlack
Laser classification1M
Control wire defineSee Interface Definition Diagram(12PIN)
Power wire +Red, Orange, Yellow (6PIN)
Power wire -White, Green, Black (6PIN)
Protocol interfaceRS232/RS422/RS485/TTLoptional
ProtocolPelco P&D/Sony VISCA
Surface processing9600set up
Heat dissipationForced wind
(English) IT-SSLM300-IRL
(English) IT-SSLM300-IRL
(English) IT-SSLM300-IRL
(English) IT-SSLM300-IRL

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