(English) IT-SS400LM-IRL


  • Highway monitoring system
  • PTZ monitoring system
  • Ports
  • Forest Fire Prevention
  • Infrared imaging
  • Military application


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  •  Beam angle zooming electrically
  •  Illumination over 4000m range
  •  High reliability, lifetime up to 25000hrs
  •  Compact, easy to integrate
  •  RS232, RS422, RS485, TTL interface optional
  •  Negligible off-axis divergence,
  •  easy to collimate with camera lens
  •  Uniform beam intensity, speckle free
  •  Operating state memory
  •  CE certificate
  •  Predefining position
  •  Low heat, high efficiency



Parameters Typical values Unit Remarks
Model no. IT-SS400LM-IRL
Laser mode Multi-mode
Wavelength 808/915±10 nm
Optical power 20 w @exit
Spot shape Circular
Illuminating distance 5000 m
Light spot Uniform
Fan angle 0.2-22(9xx); 0.3-22(808) °   ±0.2°
Operating voltage DC12/24/48 V 24V AC optional
Operating current ≤7.7 A
Operating mode Continuous
Lifetime 20000 hrs
Operating temperature -20- +50 °
Storage temperature -40- +85 °
Power consumption <40 w
Dimensions 280´110´70 mm
Material Alloy
Surface color Silver
Laser classification IV
Control A/Tx Yellow
Control B/Rx Blue
Control cathode White
Power anode Red
Power cathode Black
Protocol interface RS232; RS485; RS422,TTL
Protocol Pelco D optional
Surface processing Gush arenaceous silver anode oxidation
Weight 1100 g
Heat dissipation Forced wind
(English) IT-SS400LM-IRL
(English) IT-SS400LM-IRL
(English) IT-SS400LM-IRL
(English) IT-SS400LM-IRL

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