(English) IT-SS100LM-IRL


  • Highway monitoring system
  • PTZ monitoring system
  • Ports
  • Forest Fire Prevention
  • Infrared imaging
  • Military application


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  •  Adopt with auto surface emitting laser chip (VCSEL), zero light attenuation
  •  Wide range of working temperature, good adaptability to the environment
  •  Surface emitting chip offers safer operation
  •  Evenly spot provided by array lighting
  •  Photoelectric conversion efficiency up to 40%
  •  Under 50°C working temperature, photoelectric conversion efficiency up to 35%
  •  Auto zooming, 240 or step-less optical zoom
  •  500m face recognition, 1000m object recognition
  •  Reliable with life span more than 50000hrs
  •  Small in size, easy to integrate
  •  RS232, RS485, TTL ports options
  •  Coaxial lens focus, sync. with camera
  •  Homogenized light spot with no noise
  •  Power lose memories
  •  CE proved
  •  Preset position
  •  Low heating, high efficiency



Parameter Parameter Value Unit Remark
Model IT-SS100LM-IRL
Laser Mode Multi-mode
Wavelength 808±10 nm options
Optical Power 3 w laser output
Beam Shape Round
IR Distance 1000 m
Beam Spot Uniformity Homogenized light spot without noise
Illumination Angle 1.3-60 degree
Operating Voltage 12 V
Operating Current 1.2 A
Service Life 50000 h
Operating Temperature -40- +70    °C
Storage Temperature -40- +85 °C
Power Consumption 15 w
Dimension L70xW51xH51 mm
Material Aluminium alloy
Color Black
Laser Protection Class 1M
Control Wire Define See Interface Definition Diagram(12PIN)


Power Wire + Red, Orange, Yellow (6PIN)
Power Wire – White, Green, Black (6PIN)
Communication Interface RS232/RS422/RS485/TTL    options
Communication Protocol Pelco-D/SONY VISCA
Baud Rate 9600 set up
Surface Treatment Sandblasting black oxide
Total Weight 300 g
Cooling Method Forced wind cooling
(English) IT-SS100LM-IRL
(English) IT-SS100LM-IRL
(English) IT-SS100LM-IRL
(English) IT-SS100LM-IRL

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