(English) IT-SC422-TLC-9


Port-Powered RS232 to RS422 Converter

IT-SC422-TLC-9 is the interface converter between RS232 and RS422. It is powered from serial port (such as COM port of computer), no outside power needed. Small size, long transmission distance, high rate, stable performance. The IT-SC422-TLC-9 has a DB9 female connector on the RS232 side and either a DB9 male connector or 5 bit terminal block on the RS422 side. It is used widely in the field of electricity, industrial automatic control, IC card billing system. It is a high quality low price data serial conversion product.



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  • Port-powered from RS232 port (TXD, RTS, DTR): no external power is necessary
  • Convert RS-232 (TXD, RXD signal) to RS-422 signal
  • Plug-and-Play (hot pluggable, Data format Auto sensing & Self-adjusting)
  • Data direction auto-turnaround, no flow control is required
  • Point to multi point, support 128 nodes loopback

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