(English) IT-7301-PC

(English) E1 Optic Fiber Modem

IT-7301-PC E1 Fiber Modem is a high-performance E1 fiber optic modem developed by using a dedicated integrated circuit. It is to modulate a framing or non-framing E1 data signal directly into single- or multi-mode optic fiber for a transmission via optic cable line. At another end of the optic cable, optical signal is demodulated into a framing or non-framing E1 data signal. E1 interface may be directly connected with the E1 interfaces of image and data terminals or the WAN ports of MUX, exchanger and router for a dedicated network setup or a LAN connection.


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  • Conforms to all relevant ITU series standards (ITU-T G.703 G.704 G.823)
  • Framing or non-framing mode in option
  • E1 time slot in arbitrary option
  • Balanced 120Ω/non-balanced 75Ω interfaces automatic
  • Support the loop back of local analog/digital interface
  • Support remote loop back function (valid on under framing mode)
  • Support pseudo-random code test function, providing convenience for the test of optic fiber line status 120km trunking -free transmission distance for single-mode optic fiber
  • Capable to be communicated with V.35 fiber modem
  • Available with complete line detection and alarm indications
  • Available with independent structure and 19-inch frame-mounted structure (frame-mounted structure can be inserted with 16 modules);
  • AC 220V and DC –48V inputs may be selected for fiber optic modems of both structures
  • For frame-mounted fiber optic modems, dual power supply heat backup is provided to ensure a Receiving level: 0~-43db



Optic interface:
Line mode type: CMI
Line mode rate: 2.048Mbps
Operating wavelength: 850nm, 1310nm or 1550nm
Optic fiber connector: SC/PC
Applicable optic fiber: multi-mode, single-mode
Transmission distance: Single-mode: up to 120km
Multi-mode: up to 2km
E1 interface:
Standard:ITU-T G.703 G.704
Frame structure:framing CCS (PCM31)/ CAS (PCM30)
Rate: 2.048Mbps
Impedance: 75Ω, physical interface BNC;
120Ω, physical interface RJ45
Code: HDB3
Receiving level: 0~-43db
Indicator lamps:
To indicate the operating status of power supply, loopback and
random code test, code-missing alarm, out-of-frame alarm etc.
Independent: 140mm (depth) × 210mm (width) x 42mm (height)
Frame-mounted: 19in 4.5U standard casing
Power supply:
Independent: 85V~264V AC input, 5V/2A output;
-36V~-72V DC input, 5V/2A output
Frame-mounted: 150V~260V AC input, 5V/16A, 12V/1A output
-38V~ -58V DC input, 5V/16A, 12V/1A output
Power consumption: 3W
Operating temperature: 0°C~50°C
Storage temperature: -20°C~80°C

(English) IT-7301-PC

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