(English) IT-3128SZN-WLSL


IT-3128SZN-WLSL Digital LED Strobe Light is a high power and smart performance digital pulse strobe lamp applying for Intelligent Traffic System applications. It’s suitable for traffic crossing; urban road and high way for number plate recognition and speed measurement. Complied with latest professional strobe control circuit, it can accurately control strobe flash time, brightness and output of high instantaneous power. It has rapid recycling time and long lifespan, through synchronization with the strobe lamp, ITS cameras can obtain clear pictures of number plate, vehicle body and cab under any kind of environment with less influence of human eye.


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Produce Features


  1. Accurately control flash duration.
  2. Accurately control instant / delay trigger.
  3. Instant flash output in high brightness.
  4. Instant recycling, assure sequence flashing rapidly.
  5. Less influence of human eye.
  6. Set up and adjustment through RS485 port on PC, data will not be lose if power down.
  7. Suit for multiple ambient light efficacy requests through different setting.
  8. Low heating, long life span, the brightness is several times more than common led lamp.



Model IT-3128SZN-WLSL
Main Processor High performance MCU
Adjustment Port RS485 Port
LED Type 28 pcs Cree high bright white light LED
Beam Angle 8°(standard), 15°, 30° (optional)
Wavelength 400-780nm
Day/night Switch Environmental brightness detection
Strobe Interface Support video and strobe synchronization
Strobe Mode Mode D: Continuous strobe flash under 100Hz frequency, duty cycle adjustable. (Compatible with Dahua ITS camera) Mode H: Strobe flash under frequency between 50Hz-400Hz, duty cycle 1-30%. (Compatible with Hikvision ITS camera)
Power Supply AC165~220V
Power Consumption Average≤35W,  Peak:140W
Best Distance 15-28m, width 5-10m
Synchronization Port 1 Strobe flash trigger input
Trigger Method Low electrical level / switching value
Housing Material Aluminum + toughened glass
Cooling Heating dissipating housing
Lightning Protection Common mode 4KV, Different mode 2KV
Protection Level IP66
Working Temperature -40~+50℃
Storage Temperature -40~+85℃
N.W 2.5kg
Size 261*202*90mm




               LPR/ANPR PICTURE


(English) IT-3128SZN-WLSL
(English) IT-3128SZN-WLSL
(English) IT-3128SZN-WLSL

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