(English) IT-1204SZN-IRFL

(English) IT-1204SZN-IRFL


IT-1204SZN-IRFL is designed as the high efficacy Xenon flash lamp for traffic enforcement system. Through camera control, it provides accurate synchronous flash light for snapshot. Under the condition of complete darkness, it helps camera system obtaining clearly pictures of number plate, vehicle body and cab. It’s an ideal flash lamp for traffic enforcement system.



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  • Low recycling time, applied for high speed snapshot;
  • Peak power flashing, effectively enhance quality of pictures;
  • Trigger by electric level or switching value;
  • Easily installation and adjustment;
  • Anti-glare design, effectively reduce the eye stimulation.



Working voltageAC220V±10%/48Hz ~ 52Hz
Flash energy200J
Power consumptionaverage power < 100W(@1 flash/s), Maximum power In instant < 300W
Peak flash duration1/30ms
Recycle time﹤ 67ms
Effective distance16m ~ 25m
Cover area1 lane
ApplicationToll free station and over speed snapshot
Pulse and comprehensive protection False trigger protection
Trigger modeelectric level, +5VDC, switching value
Wavelengthinfrared light
Operate life≥20million times
Working temperature-20 ~ +70°C( -40°C is available/light decay)
Working humidity5% ~ 90%@40°C, No condensation
Protection levelIP65
Net Weight3.57kg

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