With 12 high power LEDs for a total power consumption of 28W, beam angle 15° to 120°, beam distance 150m to 30m, the IT-SSE12-IR is an IR Illuminator with a high service of life.

  • Wavelength 740nm/850nm/940nm.
  • 50.000 hours lifetime LEDs.
  • Extended working temperature range -30 to 50°C.
  • 1-3 years warranty.

The IT-SSE12-IR is part of the high-power Consumer IR Illuminators series that is the quality LED light source solution for night-time illumination, providing high-power infrared light for CCTV and IP cameras to enhance night-time visual performance.


Professional Design

  • Precise secondary optical technology.
  • The latest LED technology assures outstanding performance with excellent luminous efficiency and more uniform illumination.
  • Independent innovation of high efficiency power drive schemes.
  • Low failure rate of products is guaranteed because of professional in-house optimized independent circuit technology widely used in our LED illuminators for more than 5 years.
  • High thermal conductivity aluminum.
  • Energy saving technology.
  • All illuminators has energy saving circuit with low electrical power consumption.
  • Thinner and lighter design.
  • Housing designed for simple installation and easy operation to reduce construction difficulty.

Basic Functions

  • To improve performance of the weak light camera, thereby enhancing the picture effects at night.
  • Conventional night monitoring.
  • The function of video analysis at night.
  • Reduce signal noise and other image distortion.
  • Reduce the network bandwidth requirements.
  • Energy saving by power factor correction.
  • Reduce the equipment cost.
  • Lower cost of installing and wiring.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.


LED type: 12 pieces high power IR LEDs

Wavelength: 740nm/850nm/940nm

Beam angle: 15° to 120°

Beam distance: 150m to 30m (850nm)

Bracket: Wall mount bracket

Working voltage: 85-265V AC/12-24V DC/24V AC

Cable: 1.3m (85-265V AC) /0.45m (12-24V DC/24V AC)

Power consumption: 28W (850nm)

Day & Night switch: Automatic

Working temperature: -30 to 50°C (-50 to 50°C with heater)

Protection level: IP66

Color: Beige/black

Panel: Tempered glass panel with IR passing filter

Housing: Aluminum die-casting housing

Net weight: 1.7 kg

Gross weight: 2 kg

Dimensions: 221*172*90mm

Packing dimensions: 250*200*120mm



With IR light - Intellisystem

 With IR light

Without IR light - Intellisystem

Without IR light



ModelBeam angleViewing IR distance

*Viewing IR distance is tested by Sony 1/3 CCD Camera and 850nm IR LEDs.

To achieve the distance needed, please pay attention to your camera specifications and lens before purchase. It is normal phenomenon that distance may vary due to different cameras and lens.

Product Datasheet - English

Product Datasheet - Italian

Light Source Datasheets Book - English

Light Source Datasheets Book - Italian

Light Source Catalogue - English

Light Source Catalogue - Italian

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