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Our References

Intellisystem Technologies has always been present in prestigious national and international magazine presenting new ideas and solutions in order to disseminate new technologies.

If you are interested in publishing articles about our products and solutions please send an email to our Technical Department in order to be in touch with our production managers. This page lists articles and services that the media (print, radio and web) have devoted to our company. If you know other items not on this page, or you are a journalist looking for material / interviews, contact us by e-mail [email protected]

Always Update

Intellisystem Technologies is always updated on the latest technologies and solutions that the market offers. Our engineers and designers constantly take part in seminars, training courses, conferences, organized by our partners to maintain the highest level of readiness. “Doing research and development, never to be satisfied of their knowledge, fully understand the mechanisms that lead to the resolution of the problems” these are the rules adopted in our laboratories.

The technology state of the art

With more than ten years of experience in the technology sector we boast the application and refinement of the “state of the art Hi-Tech Industry” as a result of two major factors: market knowledge and the desire to offer cutting-edge solutions able to meet all the needs of all our customers and partners. Our commitment to always offer “The highest level of development or knowledge so far reached by a technology or a field of scientific investigation, synonymous with ‘cutting edge’, ‘last generation’, ‘excellence’.”

The best

We are recognized in the market for our ability to integrate solutions into the customer’s logic and relationship, offering the best of technology to those who want to develop new business opportunities through the use of our solutions. The partner companies of Intellisystem Technologies always play a major role in the development of activities and supply company to meet the needs of our customers. They are the ones who provide our solutions and performance advisory services and providing our customers with know-how and expertise adapted to the specific needs of the local environment.

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