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Since our company foundation different technical magazines have dealt with disclosing our technologies and products.

“In an era of continuous and sudden changes, any changes reserve tremendous opportunities that can be interpreted and seized only with a strong sense of the new.”
Cristian Randieri, PhD

Intellisystem Technologies is particularly sensitive to events designed to disseminate our technologies in order to deal with the real market. Actively participating in conferences, seminars and exhibitions we guarantee our customers a continuous updating of our solutions and products.

Our goals

  • Apply the latest technology for the welfare of all
  • Know-How Continuously improvement
  • Create solutions and custom products for our customers
  • Combine the scientific rigor to new solutions research & development not yet present in the global market.

Below you will find our business publications collection of over 10 years. These are our best references. Our company is always  mentioned alongside big international brands.

With pride we invite you to browse and download the relate documents reported below.

Our Magazine Collections

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