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Passion and Talent

For over 10 years we dedicate ourselves with passion, commitment and talent in the production and distribution of products and solutions unique in the Hi-Tech world of electronics, information technology and telecommunications.

Since our company’s foundation far back as 2003, Intellisystem Technologies has proven to be endowed by a natural flair for understanding what products will thrive in Italy and reach rapid growth patterns backed by dynamic marketing support, sales efforts and consulting and assistance services. Thus, Intellisystem technologies has managed to build long lasting partnerships with a select number of manufacturers, whereby it does not merely act as their local distributor, but in effect as their local subsidiary and sales arm.

Reliable Partner

Over the time we have become a very reliable partner for a very select group of international companies, who see us as a point of reference for our remarkable research and development capacity .
Over time the company has gained more and more technological knowledge and evolved its offering to complete solutions in the control systems remote areas field where it is now able to design complete solutions also customized able to always satisfy customer requirements in terms of open architecture, scalability, modularity and, of course, strength and quality.

Customers Portfolio

Over the years Intellisystem Technologies includes a comprehensive customers portfolio including public company and community (public authorities, places of worship, prisons), industry (manufacturing plants, offices, logistics and shipyards),  University of Architecture and Design, Finance (banking and insurance), transport (roads, airports, stations and ports), conference centers (hotels, convention centers, fairs and theme parks), large-scale retail (shopping centers, supermarkets and hypermarkets), culture (museums, cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, schools and universities), Sports and Leisure.

Resource and Systems

Nello svolgimento delle attività quotidiane, il personale di Intellisystem Technologies è supportato da una serie di risorse e sistemi, quali dei laboratori interni, degli strumenti per il controllo qualità, per l’analisi e per la simulazione, la logistica integrata e dei sistemi informativi e di condivisione delle informazioni particolarmente raffinati a supporto di processi ben consolidati che ormai costituiscono le fondamenta per l’efficienza operativa e l’efficacia del lavoro di team, a tutto vantaggio dei clienti finali.

Our Production

We can manage and integrate third party production, but we are also able to manage the entire production process, from the purchase of the raw materials to the assembly of the finished parts, including the production of individual component parts and a choice of outside partners to entrust with the finishing. We must not forget the testing stage either, which is essential before the product can leave the factory.


  • We worked closely with Intellisystem Technologies on different projects achieving a remarkable success thanks to their skills.

    John Narrow
  • As a project manager I can say that the support of Intellisystem Technologies has been critical to the success of our projects.

    Michele Rossi


Systems design
Research & Development
Business Development

Videosorveglianza Hi-Tech

Intellisystem Technologies is a dynamic fast growing company committed to providing the CCTV industry with innovative and advanced products and technologies. With a commitment to the aggressive pursuit of product development and customer satisfaction, Intellisystem Technologies continues to be an industry leader. We believe our sophisticated products provide simple solutions to the most complex security demands. Intellisystem Technologies is proud to provide exceptional customer service and professional quality products.

UAS - UAV Inspection & Monitoring Solutions for Oil & Gas

Since the year 2006, the Research & Development department of Intellisystem Technologies has worked as leading specialist oil and gas drone inspection provider globally.
Intellisystem Technologies presents on the markets a new Unmanned aircraft systems (called UAS or UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) solution for the Oil and Gas industry showing new capabilities that reduce cost and operational risk while also improving efficiency. Our UAS service can be used to measure and quantify oil spills, determine how the oil is moving in water and provide information and imagery to the command center. Infrared (IR) and thermal imaging can be extremely helpful to survey oil spills making it easier to see where the oil is spreading.
Intellisystem Technologies over the years has reached a big aviation experience, providing live flare, structural and under deck inspections onshore and offshore. The business is growing fast, and is set to continue to scale as the world’s leading drone inspection operator in oil and gas.

R&D Solutions

Intellisystem Technologies formed in March 2003 as an independent research team and designed to generate innovative proposals, cost-effective, sustainable and avant-garde is a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in research and development (R & D) of products, platforms, systems, high safety technology, measurements and computer and electronic countermeasures, with the common goal to become the first technology-based company dedicated to security, intelligence, and advanced services to new risks and challenges posed by Industrial and Oil&Gas High Technology requirements. The design and installation of reliable, safe and robust equipment is paramount in the oil and gas industry which requires specialist systems to operate in marine, hazardous and explosion risk areas. Whether it’s security or access control for refineries, gas plants, pipelines, depots or bottling plants; Intellisystem Technologies can design, supply and install security systems to meet the demanding requirements.

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