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Intellisystem Technologies is located in Siracusa, in a modern and efficient structure complete with production facilities, a technical department, a sales and marketing office, and administrative and financial services.

Intellisystem Technologies uses in its planning and R&D departments qualified engineers and technicians with wide experience in the electronics, computer science and telecommunication field, who keep up to date with latest developments in technology. We take particular care with constant training and updating courses for our technicians who specifically work in the layout and planning departments and in the after sales service, with the aim of supplying quick and efficient support to our potential customers, to our new customers and to all our sales network.Sempre nell’ambito del nostro dipartimento tecnico disponiamo inoltre di:

  • Well equipped test facilities for testing prototypes before standard production;
  • A technical showroom equipped with our products installed and operating at disposal of our potential customers who want to try them personally, in real body shop conditions, and of technicians of electronic manufacturers that want to test their products using our equipment.

Area managers and sales assistants work daily to give constant support to all our sales network in over 10 countries.

Global Network

With the aim of being a global company, Intellisystem Technologies has developed equipment for the main Hi-Tech international digital standards, working a long time for several large multinationals throughout the world. As a result of this, our Company achieved a world-unique R&D experience and it is able to supply field-proven equipment and to accomplish turnkey Hi-Tech projects related to Telecommunications and Electronics devices. Our partner network enables us to offer always the currently available technologies state of the art  to assist our customers in creating their solutions.


Our primary office is in Siracusa land of ancient civilization and cradle of the illustrious Archimedes that before many others in the distant past was an invaluable reference for scientists of the time.

Generally considered the greatest mathematician of antiquity and one of the greatest of all time, Archimedes anticipated modern calculus and analysis by applying concepts of infinitesimals.

Green philosophy

One of the greatest problems of developed societies is that the maintaining of its growth is strongly linked to unbridled consumption of resources needed to produce energy, which obviously causes a sustainability problem to the medium and long term. Intellisystem Technologies ‘s commitment to sustainable business development begins in the R & D, laying down design policies aimed to achieve energy-efficient equipment, obtaining a higher performance on each new product & systems family.

Key of Success

Our key to success is strong motivation and interest in scientific research pillar of our R & D department.

We believe that research and development is the unique factor maintaining our market competitiveness.

Our ability to stay in constant contact with our clients, and guaranteeing a product with highly developed technological content.

Always present on the Hi-tech market!

From more than ten years, our works are recognized and published in the most famous national and international magazines of the Sector.

Why to choose our solutions ?

Our business solutions are designed to offer a total user experience – one which combines the latest navigation innovations with ease of use, all delivered by a name you can trust. And because technology is always changing, we ensure our business solutions are future-ready, so they’ll keep on contributing to your bottom line.  Our professional solutions feature the latest innovations to help drive your business forward. The latest technology might serve your immediate needs, but what about in the months and years from now? Relax: all our products and services are specifically designed with the future in mind, so you never have to worry about being out of date. As well as supporting out-of-the-box integration with third-party applications, our solutions may be customised, updated and upgraded, ensuring you benefit from innovations to come.

  • Innovative solutions for every need
  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Project Commitment
  • Satellite communication networks design and implementation
  • Telecommunication Disaster Recoery design and implementation
  • Industrial CCTV design and construction
  • Thermographic systems for industrial monitoring design and implementation
  • Industrial drones UAV/UAS design and implementation

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Intellisystem Technologies