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Completely IP-based, the Intellisystem Technologies Integrated Satellite Solutions (ISS) supports the latest in satellite technology with respect to access scheme, modulation, and coding to provide maximum efficiency and performance from the satellite network.

The ISS solutions provides for IP-based data, voice, and video communications over satellite, thus allowing enterprise, commercial, and government customers to enhance their business continuity solution, stream rich-media content using multicast, and set up instant and mobile communication kits for disaster preparedness.

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The Intellisystem ISSS provides two-way broadband satellite connectivity for remote sites and branch offices using the highly reliable and available everywhere satellite network. The ISS technology  provide resilient WAN backup for enterprise branch offices in case of primary connectivity failure, thus enhancing network reliability. When combined with the advanced services available on integrated services routers, such as voice and wireless, a highly portable and self-contained emergency response communications kit can be created to provide instant and mobile communication at a disaster site. Satellite multicast provides an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver bandwidth-rich content such as video, audio, and software upgrades to multiple sites.

Using the Intellisystem Technologies solutions enterprise & industrial customers can create a highly reliable and scalable content delivery system for their branch offices worldwide without any distance limitations.


Offered Solutions


Network Reliability & Business Continuity Through Integrated Terrestrial Infrastructure and Satellite Communication

Satellite WAN backup provides an economical, high-speed connectivity to branch offices, industries, and remote sites, helping customers maintain business continuity in the event of a terrestrial network failure (for example, cable cut, central-office outage, fiber backbone outage, and other possible failures in the WAN). The innovative WAN connectivity over satellite protects against most local and regional network outages caused by natural and human events, resulting in a higher level of network reliability for data, voice, and video transactions.

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Multimedial Content Distribution Through IP Multicast

Satellite IP Multicast is a cost-effective, high-speed method for delivering content to a large number of sites without upgrading the entire terrestrial infrastructure for high-speed multicast services:

  • Live video-Live multicast streaming video of company meetings, events, sales training, employee training, advertising, etc.
  • Video on demand (VoD)-Multicast distribution of VoD sessions for employee training, advertising, digital signage, etc.
  • Audio-Live multicast streaming of audio for large audio broadcasts, analyst conference calls, etc.
  • Other multicast content distribution-High-speed distribution of large files or documents, software updates, etc.


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