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Addressed to all the lastest video surveillance and remote video surveillance new technologies by combining them to the scientific rigor, thus spread in all directions the utilities that it may ensue. Establish a national and international market network by offering collaboration and expertise that will satisfy any answer for any question and necessity.

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Intellisystem Technologies is a company leader in the sector of services ranging from design and construction of data transmission systems to the video remote control solutions based on internet technology with the ability to be integrated to any system ….

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Research & Development

“Research and science have always been the heart of the technology as well as the propellant for the exploration of new horizons …..” And it is on the research and development that we leverage to provide to the market the state of art technologies available.

Formazione Intellisystem Tech


By the Intellisystem Technologies Learning Center, our goal is to provide a service to help you succeed in your ideas and initiatives. Our center is one of the best equipped in order to provide remote support for our solutions.

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About Us - Press

Intellisystem Technologies has always been present in prestigious nationals and internationals journals and magazine with it’s products always presenting new ideas and solutions to disseminate and apply the state of the art of new technologies.

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Intellisystem Technologies born from the scientific research love, applies the modern technology for the benefit of all.


Products News

RECS 505 A new IoT Industrial Device - Intellisystem Technologies - Randieri HD
(Italian) RECS 505 – A new IoT Industrial Device
Tuesday April 26th, 2016

La gestione di apparati elettronici industriali tramite interfacce web for[...]

ITEX100 A New Industrial TVCC System ATEX Certified for Oil&Gas Applications - Intellisystem - Randieri HD
(Italian) ITEX100 – A New Industrial TVCC System ATEX Certified for Oil&Gas Applications
Friday March 25th, 2016

La telecamera Itex100 presentata da Intellisystem Technologies è ideale p[...]

Continous Thermography Scanning - Intellisystem Technologies HD
(Italian) CTS (Continous Thermography Scanning) “Visione Termografica per il Controllo Continuo”
Sunday February 14th, 2016

Durante gli ultimi anni, Intellisystem Technologies ha sviluppato, grazie [...]

Speciale Moduli IO - Intellisystem
(Italian) New I/O board: “Speciale Moduli I/O”
Monday December 14th, 2015

Intellisystem Technologies presenta i due moduli Recs 203 e Recs 204: il p[...]

Case Study

How to Defend Against Drones - Intellisystem Technologies - Randieri HD
(Italian) How to defend against drones
Saturday July 9th, 2016

Sono tecnologicamente avanzati, ma hanno anche un lato oscuro che molti[...]

A New RFID Technology Applied For Industrial COnstruction Site - Intellisystem Technologies - Randieri
(Italian) A New RFID Technology Applied For Industrial Construction Site
Thursday April 28th, 2016

Il continuo aumento d[...]

A New Satellite Solution for the Remote Control of Industrial Sites - Intellisystem Teechnologies - Crisrian Randieri HD
(Italian) A New Satellite Solution for the Remote Control of Industrial Sites
Tuesday April 26th, 2016
Intellisystem Technologies ha messo a punto una soluzione che sfr[...]
Satellite Remote Control Systems Intellisystem
(Italian) Satellite Remote Control Systems for Unattended Remote Sites: “Hydroelectric Dam” Case Hystory
Monday February 15th, 2016

Controllo remoto via satellite di dighe situate[...]

Interview to Cristian Randieri, President & CEO

(Italiano) Green Energy: Sustainability and Environmental Impact – Interview to Cristian Randieri, President & CEO of Intellisystem Technologies
Saturday November 12th, 2016

Sorry, this entry is[...]

Tablet-Smartphone Consumer Technology - Intellisystem - Cristian Randieri HD
(Italian) Tablet/Smartphone Consumer Technology – Pro & Cons
Tuesday April 26th, 2016
Quali vantaggi, [...]
Future of robotics - Intellisystem Technologies - Cristian Randieri HD
(Italian) FUTURE of ROBOTICS “La robotica che verrà” – Interview to Cristian Randieri
Tuesday April 26th, 2016
L’evoluzione della robotica e il suo ruolo nella ‘fabbrica int[...]
Mechatronics Evolution and Integration - Intellisystem - Randieri HD
(Italian) Mechatronics “Evolution and Integration in the Automation World”
Friday March 25th, 2016
Abbiamo chiesto ad alcuni esperti del settore di parlarci dell’[...]

Technology News

A New Internet of Things Solutions for Energy efficency - Intellisystem Technologies - Randieri
(Italian) A New Internet of Things Integrated Solutions for Energy Efficiency
Sunday May 15th, 2016
L’unico modo per ottenere un risparmio energetico significativo è i[...]
A new RFID System for PPE verification - Intellisystem Technologies - Randieri
(Italian) DPI Machines Analyzer – A new RFID System for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Verification
Thursday May 12th, 2016

Intellisystem Technologies ha realiz[...]

SCADA Mind User Interface - Intellisystem
(Italian) SCADA Mind User Interface (SMUI) la soluzione del futuro per la gestione delle interfacce SCADA – “L’evoluzione delle interfacce HMI”
Friday February 12th, 2016

Intellisystem Tecnologies nel corso del 2015 ha effettuato un notevole inv[...]

Neural Network technology for Social Network - Intellisystem Technologies
Introduction to Deep Learning on Social Networks: “How to learn even more about your personal life using Neural Networks Technology”
Monday December 28th, 2015

One of the last inspiration about Social Networks is the human brain.


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