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(Italiano) Flare Stacks Eye: an Innovative Solution for Flare Stacks Monitoring in Oil & Gas
FSE - Flase Stacks Eye - Intellisystem Technologies

(Italiano) Flare Stacks Eye: an Innovative Solution for Flare Stacks Monitoring in Oil & Gas

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Thanks to the last thermal imaging vision systems technology Intellisystem Technologies, has developed an innovative tool for the automated monitoring of industrial flare stacks typically used in the Oil & Gas industry. The proposed system is designed and made to allow the continuous monitoring of industrial flare stacks with reference to the flame presence. By using special infrared cameras it is possible to get a realtime thermal flame map. On this way we are constantly assured by the visual inspection of the presence of a flame even in special conditions such as strong backlighting, light inconspicuous, poor visibility due to fog etc. The proposed system is called ESF (Flare Stacks Eye) and it is easily interfaces with automation systems and DCS systems installed on the industrial plant. With this solution it is possible to improve the workplace safety as well as the optimization of the product combustion in favor of a lower environmental impact.

This paper was published on the Automazione Oggi  N. 383 – July/August 2015 Magazine.

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