(English) What is the difference between RTF, ARF and BNF?

(English) What is the difference between RTF, ARF and BNF?

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This is another big mistake beginners make.

They buy a drone that is not ready to fly and expect to be able to fly it right out of the box. You certainly would want to know what these acronyms stand for…

RTF (Ready to Fly): these drones to not require any set up or assembly of any kind. All you’ll have to do would be install the drone’s propellers, check if the batteries charged and the machine will be ready to fly.

ARF (Almost ready to Fly): these might require some assembly and typically do not include a receiver or a transmitter. In some kits, motors or even batteries may not be included. You may want to read the fine print before buying to see exactly what you will be getting.

BNF (Bind And Fly): these models come fully assembled. But you will have to buy the transmitter yourself. You would want to make sure you buy a compatible transmitter. In addition to the same frequency, the receiver and transmitter will need to share the same protocol as well or else they will not be compatible with each other.