Thermal Imaging Camera – Uncool type – Series: 2 Models

TT-178OD-MPS series thermal imaging module system integrated high resolution 384×288 pixels FPA detector. Featured with low power consumption, low noise and high quality image, TT-178OD-MPS offered continuously infrared thermal imaging video output under wide operating temperature range and image storage function, which meets variety application including industry medical electronic, research, public safety and etc.




  • 384×288 uncooled FPA detector
  • 50Hz realtime measuremente
  • Customization according to requirement


 Characteristics of detectors Type of detector Uncooled FPA microbolometer
 Array size / format 384 × 288
 NETD ≤ 60mK @ F / 1,300 K, 50HZ
 Frame frequency 50HZ
 The spectral range 8 ~ 14μm
 Image manage / Resolution 14-bit
 Video D / 10bit
 Thermal image adjustment Brightness / gain adjustment Manual brightness / gain control, automatic brightness adjustment and manual gain adjustment, automatic brightness / gain adjustment
Automatic brightness / gain adjustment 2 fixed modes, 8 user modes Not Available
 Image polarity Hot black / white hot
 Electronic zoom 2X
 Noise Reduction Yes
 Improved image quality Yes
 Calibrations Automatic settings at start time, Manual adjustment in stable condition
 Crosshair ON / OFF
 Power supply Extermal authorities 10 ~ 15V DC, ± 1V 8V DC to adjust
 Power consumption <4.5W (normal, operating at 25 ℃) <3.5W (Normal operating at 25 ℃)
 Driver for focusing on the lens Driver capability 8V 100mA
 Environment Operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
 Humidity -40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
 physical characteristics The weight ≤ 330
 Dimensious Φ76mm × 71mmΦ76mm × 66mm
 Interface Extermal  DC input Yes
 Video output PAL
 Digital video output Not Available 16-bit digital output
 Remote control interface RS232, RS422 / RS485 customize Not Available
 Management 5 Key board tips

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