IT-3105SZN-WLSL is designed as the high efficacy strobe light for highway intelligent monitoring recording system and red light auto recording system.


Produce Features


  1. Adopt Cree high performance LED, light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
  2. Auto switch on under low light environment, settable threshold.
  3. Support video synchronization.
  4. Support brightness adjustable.


Main Processor High performance MCU
User Interface RS485 serial port and I/O port
LED Type 16 pcs high brightness IR LED
Environmental Detection 6 levels environmental brightness detection, auto switch on under low light environment
Remote Control 5 classes brightness control on PC, ON/OFF control
Video Fill Light Synchronization Support
Cascade Function Support strobe cascade function
RS485 Port 1 port connect to PC, support remote control brightness, threshold of sensor
Response Time ≤45us
Brightness Support RS485 port adjust
Light Spot Coverage Effective horizontal spot 4-12m according to model select (installation distance 23m, height 6m)
Working voltage AC90-265V
Power consumption <40W
Effective distance 18m~25m
Working temperature -40~+80℃ (working humidity 10%~95%)
Surge Level Common mode 4KV, Differential Mode 2KV
Protection level IP66
Net Weight 2.231kg


Product Datasheet

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